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Frequently asked questions

Find the most asked Crumbs questions below.

What is Crumbs?
Crumbs is a privacy protection extension and browser technology. It provides its users the best tracking prevention tools available for free, while offering a unique, sustainable approach for supporting content online.
Does Crumbs require an account?
No, the Crumbs extension does not require an account. However, Crumbs email Relay requires you to link the email account you wish to protect to Crumbs if you want to receive your forwarded emails. This primary email will not be disclosed or used in any way, but will serve solely for the purpose of receiving forwarded emails.
Is Crumbs free?
Yes, Crumbs is free.
Is Crumbs GDPR compliant?
Yes, Crumbs respects your privacy and is GDPR compliant.
Does Crumbs block ads?
Crumbs is a privacy technology that allows you to take back control of your personal data and stop pesky trackers. While Crumbs may block some ads as a side-effect of protecting your privacy, it is not meant to serve in lieu of an adblocker.
Can Crumbs be used with other privacy extensions or ad blockers?
It works very well in tandem with an ad blocker (for example: Adblock Plus or Adblock). Please note, however, that Crumbs in conjunction with other privacy extensions might make it harder to debug in the case that a page does not display correctly.
Does Crumbs collect any of my personal data?
No. Crumbs is committed to nurturing a sustainable web that protects your privacy. Crumbs does not collect and/or store any information in relation to a specific individual whatsoever. Although Crumbs does not share your personal data, to support the free spread of information, we process anonymized information in order to deliver, maintain and improve our services and enable by default the serving of privacy-preserving, interests-based ads by approved websites.
To review our privacy policy, you can visit anytime.
What are Crumbs interests and are they shared with websites?
Crumbs protects your privacy and ensures no one can profile you as an individual, with best-in-class privacy tools that are, for the first time, free. To support the generation of freely-accessible content, Crumbs enables those websites who commit to high standards of privacy to benefit from anonymized insights. As you browse, Crumbs tries to understand and estimate some of your interests in order for you to be in control of the privacy-preserving advertising you receive. All the estimations are done locally in the browser and not shared as a profile with advertisers. All that advertisers receive are a few ‘crumbs’, ie. your Crumbs Interests, in order to provide you with some applicable ads without compromising your privacy. This helps keep content free on the web and promotes a fair value exchange for all parties.
Is there any way to disable interests?
Yes. You can disable Crumbs Interests from the Crumbs Interests page. Depending on the product implementing Crumbs, you can reach the interests in the settings page of Crumbs (On desktop: Settings/Interests. On mobile: Settings/Crumbs/Interests)
Is Crumbs breaking my website experience?
Very, very rarely. In some cases Crumbs’ vision of the web differs from that of other actors. This leads to a mismatch in how a page is displayed or how you navigate between pages. We understand these differences and try to keep the web experience as smooth as possible for you. If there is a website url or flow you think the Crumbs team needs to fix, please share that here.
Will Crumbs Email Relay lead to email latency?
In the worst case scenario forwarded emails should not take more than a few minutes to reach you. If you find a service/website/form that Crumbs Email Relay did not forward or is forwarding at a slow pace, please let the Crumbs team know here so we can make the necessary inquiries.
Before sending us a report please check your spam folder in case it landed there and click on the forwarded email and mark it as Not Spam so this does not happen again in the future.
Did not receive Crumbs Email Relay activation email
In the worst case scenario, Crumbs Email Relay activation emails should not reach you later than within a few minutes. If you did not receive the activation email please send us a report.
Before sending us a report please check your spam folder in case it landed there and click on the email and mark it as Not Spam so this does not happen again in the future.
I still see cookie consent pop-ups
We try our best to cover the biggest sites that allow us to make this choice for you. Please report here the website where you saw the consent pop-up so we can make Crumbs better.
Can Crumbs Email Relay be used without the extension?
We recommend using the Crumbs Email Relay together with the Crumbs extension & partner browsers in tandem. The Crumbs extension & partner browsers offer a streamlined way of using the Crumbs Email Relay, and also provide quick access to the domains used for each alias (only if you signed up on that specific browser for that domain)
Does Crumbs work on mobile?
You can enjoy the privacy Crumbs technology offers on Android. Please give it a try on Adblock Browser.
Can I use Crumbs on other browsers?
Why does Crumbs ask for proxy rights on Chrome and Firefox?
Crumbs goes above and beyond to protect your privacy and to do that it utilizes a proxy to tunnel traffic from ads you see online so that advertisers are not able to track you.
Does crumbs resolve location?
Crumbs only identifies the country or state you are in in order to create a relevant interest for you.
Still have questions?
Crumbs is always open to new ideas and feedback. You can get in touch with the Crumbs team for any questions or suggestions.